Your 999 card is the size of a standard credit card, especially designed so that it fits in your purse or wallet along with all the other cards you carry.



As you can see from the images of the 999 CARD you can clearly see what information will be on show on the case of the 999 CARD.



When an emergency arises every second can make a difference, thats why the 999 CARD will not only speed up any care you need but could save your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

•How does my 999card work?

The size and shape of a normal credit card, the 999card can be carried in your wallet or purse ensuring it is always with you. A USB connector forms part of the card that is simply inserted in any Windows enabled PC.
The 999card is pre loaded with software that allows you to input all your essential medical information, summarising the most important information on the first page which is shown whenever it is inserted in to a Windows PC, thus enabling medical staff to see everything at a glance.

•How do I donate to charity?

For every 999card sold, £5 of the purchase price will be donated to the charity of your choice. Simply follow the link during the payment process, choose a charity and £5 will be donated to that charity on your behalf. If you do not have a preferred charity, then £5 will automatically be donated to our nominated charity which is changed monthly and listed on our website.

•Why donate to charity?

In the current economic climate, fundraising is becoming increasingly difficult for many charities. We feel it is important that some of the revenue generated from the sale of 999cards is used to help charities carry on the vitally important work they do. You or a loved one may have been affected by a particular illness or condition, prompting you to buy a 999card. Your donation to a charity which supports that condition will help them continue their work.

•Why choose a 999card over existing products?

The current id bands on the market serve a purpose - they enable medical staff to realise that certain people have to be treated differently due to illnesses or allergies. In some cases, abbreviated medical info is held on the bands, bracelets etc.
However, detailed medical info, which is critical in providing the exact care required by you or a loved one, is NOT immediately available to the medical staff.
BUT with a 999card, ALL your detailed medical information is always carried with you. It can be updated as often as you need and even scanned copies of prescriptions, medical scans etc can be held on the 999card. This is simply not possible with non usb medical id bands currently available.
In many cases a 999card is cheaper than many jewellery products on the market. There is no yearly fee for storing further medical information and free ongoing software updates will be sent to you, to ensure your essential 999card continues to be at the leading edge of medical information storage.

•How much storage is there on the card?

Your 999card has a 1GB capacity. This is more than enough room for all your personal medical information and items such as scanned prescriptions etc. If you require a larger capacity 999card, please do not hesitate to contact us.

•Do I need to complete all boxes?

The software on your 999card is as extensive as possible to encompass people’s varied medical history- you can fill out as much or as little as you like. All essential information will be shown on the summary page that first responders will view when they access the card. There are fields for name, address, date of birth etc. If you are worried about this information being seen by others, you do not have to fill these boxes in. Your name, blood type and NHS number will be on the first page and once these are filled in they cannot be altered.

•How will people know I carry a 999card?

It is always best to inform family and friends of the fact that you carry a 999card. First responders are trained to look for identification and if the patient carries information relating to their health issues. Each card is provided with two ‘999card inside stickers’ which can be placed prominently in your purse or wallet that first responders will see immediately. You can also purchase a key ring which states that you carry a 999card. Purses, wallets and keys are always carried on your person as second nature regardless of whether you are at work, socialising or shopping etc. For this reason we feel that a 999card is the best and most convenient way to store and carry your medical information.

•Can my 999card be opened on an iPad or MAC?

The 999card is not compatible with Apple MAC or iPad software. This has been a conscious decision on our part after research has shown that first responders, hospitals, doctors etc, use Windows driven laptops and computers. We did not want medical staff in an emergency situation to be unable to access your crucial information. If you only have a MAC or iPad but would still like to carry a 999card, we suggest enlisting the help of family or friends who have a Windows based PC to complete your details.

•Is an internet connection required?

No Internet connection is required to either fill in the details on your 999card or access your card’s information. Everything is contained on the 999card you carry with you.

•Is my information safe?

The 999card is designed to be read when plugged into a computer so that first responders can access your vital information immediately. What is safe, however, is the fact that no information can be added or altered on your 999card without using a password of your choice. This ensures that no one but you can add or change information contained on the card ensuring it is 100% accurate and secure at all times.

•Who would need to carry a 999card?

A 999card would be useful for anyone. In an emergency situation, where you are unable to give first responders information regarding your personal details, next of kin, health etc, a 999card becomes a crucial tool in starting the correct care immediately. Even if you are conscious, the medical staff involved are able proceed with your care with the knowledge that they would not compromise existing health issues. They are also able to contact next of kin to inform them of your situation.
A 999card is an essential requirement if you have any issues relating to allergies or are undergoing treatment for health issues. It can also be carried by people you are concerned for such as elderly relatives. We have listed below some people who, we feel, would benefit from carrying a 999card. The list is not exhaustive but if you are unsure as to whether a 999card is suitable for you or your family, please contact us through the website or speak to your doctor.

•Don’t hospitals already have my medical information?

Medical staff often have to start from scratch when dealing with patients, sometimes delaying treatment, as they do not have the patient’s medical history, allergies or current medications immediately accessible. With a 999card, the safety and care of patients can be improved, as medical staff have immediate access to their patient’s list of medications, dosages and medical conditions. This ensures that staff involved in a patient’s care avoid sometimes dangerous duplication of medicines, as well as other issues associated with incomplete patient history.

•Can I take my 999card abroad?

Yes, the 999card is designed to be used anywhere. Information can be viewed or printed by medical personnel anywhere in the world using a Windows enabled computer. If you are travelling to a non English speaking country, simply contact us and we will arrange for the information to be translated for you (fees apply).

•999card is useful for many conditions including the following:

•ADD/ADHD Adults with learning disabilities Adults with mental health problems


•Ankylosing Spondylitis



•Blood thinners - Coumadin, warfarin

•Cancer patients

•Cardiac patients

•Cerebral Palsy

•Clinical trial patients



•Epilepsy, seizures

•Food, insect and medicine allergies

•Hearing, sight or speech impaired


•Multiple medications

•Multiple Sclerosis

•Parkinson’s Disease

•Rare diseases

•Stroke risk

•Surgery, transplant patients


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